Enhancing Business Profitability and Productivity

Digital marketing is a strategy used in the marketing of products and services using technologically advanced methods that rely on internet om several digital mediums. Marketing which studies exchange relationships between buyers and sellers helps in creating, maintaining and ensuring customer satisfaction. Digital marketing is becoming more prevalent over the recent years since digital platforms are being used in the marketing plans for most businesses and people recently are avoiding visiting the physical location to purchase products but rather use digital devices such as smartphones and computers. Digital marketing uses several strategies to markets such as search engine optimization, content automation, search engine marketing, email direct marketing, and e-commerce. It is important for a company to plan effectively on the most suitable digital marketing strategy and approaches so as to achieve the set objective.

E-commerce is a digital marketing strategy where business transactions of buying and selling are done online. E-commerce depends on various channels to carry out transactions such as mobile phones, online transaction processes, electronic fund transfer and data collection systems that have been automated. E-commerce helps buyers and sellers overcome barriers that may be preventing transactions such as being in different geographical locations. E-commerce can also be conducted in situations where the seller to not have a physical store for products he/she is selling but acts as a link between the producer and the buyer. Once the buyer request for a certain product from the e-commerce site, the producer is contacted to give the product which is then delivered to the buyer. This helps provide a product to the buyer and get market for the producer. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_marketing

Web marketing is the same as digital marketing since both use the internet. Web marketing makes use of the world wide web to enhance the sale of products and services. Web marketing is very important for almost all businesses in enhancing profitability and productivity. Web marketing helps in reaching out to a large number of people all over the world without having to travel to different locations to advertise one's business. Through web marketing, it is very easy for prospective customers who have interest in the products and services to get into contact with the business owner. Through the web, it is also possible to make transaction deals between the buyer and the seller without having to go the physical location of the customer. Web marketing is also very beneficial to a business as it reduces the time in carrying out business and the cost of doing so. This is because it can get to a large number of people and it is also inexpensive as considered to other ways of marketing. Go to indicizzazione motori di ricerca